Written By The Heart


The words written by the mind are more of forcing the hand to move the pen.

And that which ends up on paper is only as good as cliches.

Sweet in the moment;

But the words are basically in one ear and out the other one.

Well my heart has come to be at one with yours.

So what you are to me is beyond the words that I write.

Although without these words

I couldn’t explain how much you mean to me in my life.

I know at times I might mix up my words.

I might intentionally cause you hurt.

It might feel like I want to drive you away.

You might have confusing questions about how I act.

But if the question is do I love you?

Then the answer would be YES.

Ten out of ten times.

In moments of happiness and even those of heartbreak.

So I strive to make sure you know your worth.

Because you’re truly so amazing.

More than I could articulate even with the finest of words.

You’re the force behind the scenes that keeps me driven.

You’re what keeps me in perpetual motion, never knowing how to give up.

You’re what keeps my heart beating.

My sky full of stars.

There can be no other you.

I’m always reminded of this in everything that I do.



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