A Single Moment Again


I always find myself imagining how it would feel to go back in time.

To relive a few beautiful seconds;

You know those that are over so fast yet they stick with you for life.

It’s such a shame we don’t get to experience certain moments twice.

I mean I want more than just replaying my times with you in my mind.

I sometimes honestly wish I could forget you.

Only so that I could meet you again for the first time.

To see your eyes meet mine and we’re strangers but it feels right.

To feel again the shiver that was sent down my spine by our first hug.

To hear your words and have them break through my skin entering straight into my heart.

To have myself overcome with the desire to kiss or better yet loose my lips to you.

But then again I believe the emotions in these words I still feel everyday.

Because although I’ve been waking up to the beauty of your face for so long.

It never gets old.

In fact with each day I appreciate the view even more.

It always has me smiling like it’s something new.

I guess your beauty must be immune to the sensation of dejávu. 

Or maybe I don’t just simply see your face

I see inside you.

And inside is were you stand the test of time.

That’s were you’ll forever be beautiful.



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