The Bribe

Genre: Humor/Suspense


It was the arrival of the weekend, another overhyped Friday. The motto as always was keep a good vibe all day and loose yourself at night. It was in the last few moments of sunlight, the guys had just left home and were now parked outside Clearwater flats. It was on the outskirts of the CBD, close enough to the guys usual watering holes (Bars) so no one minded hanging out there. It was Daniel, Michael and Tony, the crew of friends since time began. They were at Clearwater visiting one of Daniel’s girlfriend. The guy was a player in all meaning of the word but somehow his girls were always in the dark. No one knew how he did it but he juggled women like he belonged in the circus. The girlfriend, Vanessa walked out of the building and ran to the car to embrace with Daniel. Instantly they were fireworks kisses were exchanged, in fact it would be more appropriate to say they tried to eat each other’s faces off.
Only letting go for a moment as Vanessa greeted the guys.

The guys immediately got comfortable taking out their liquor and marijuana as they went well on their way to having no memories of the night. Within moments everyone was buzzing as the intoxicants were taking effect. The two (Michael and Tony) were now so loud, while Daniel and Vanessa were still lost in each other. A few hours on two men in dark jackets walked by unnoticed. The guys had a lighted joint and were too busy focused on figuring out who was supposed to be getting it next. 

The two men were then seen walking back headed directly for the car. Michael in panic simply took the joint and put it in his pocket with it still burning.

“Act normal”, Tony whispered as the men finally approached.

“You guys are smoking marijuana here right?” said the larger of the two men. The guys hummed in between muffled laughs as they shook their heads.

“Now I know for a fact you were smoking it” bellowed the large fella. By now Michael felt like the joint was burning a hole in his pocket and he started fidgeting around like a five year old who needed to use the toilet.

“Well today must be your unlucky day guys,” he said “Because I’m a cop.” He then showed the guys the gun he had underneath his shirt and his badge. It was as if everyone’s heart stopped beating and they held their breath because the place fell dead silent.

He motioned to speak again and Vanessa caved in immediately. “Me and my boyfriend weren’t smoking but I’m not sure about these guys” she said pointing towards Michael and Tony who were vigorously shaking their heads.

The large cop opened a car door and shouted “Now move aside you junkies I’m searching the car.” He went in and started ransacking the car inch by inch. Michael immediately took the opportunity to take out the joint in his pocket and throw it away before his pants caught on fire. The guys then stepped to the side for a crisis conference not paying attention to the search. The conference wasn’t helpful in itself, it was basically just an argument of hushed whispers. After a few minutes it was broken up by the cop emerging with a tiny plastic bag half full with marijuana from the car.

It was theirs, there was no use trying to deny it. Michael and Tony immediately took the cop and his partner to the side to negotiate anything but jail. They drove a hard bargain and after a while convinced him to take a five dollar bribe. The officer took the money and told the guys to immediately disappear. Daniel said goodbye to Vanessa and the guys got into the car.

As they sped off they lowered the windows and shouted out “Five dollars is petty cash” breaking out in laughter.

The guys drove directly to the strip club to blow off some steam. Drinking the liquor right from the bottle to shake off the fear of the last few moments. 

“Daniel where did you put our phones?” Michael asked.

“I put them in the dashboard when we were at Vanessa’s flat,” he replied.

Michael opened the dashboard and it was empty. In panic he started searching all over with such frantic intent. The other two stared at him amused and in shock. But soon the amusement turned to concern.

“Ay Michael what’s wrong?” the guys said simultaneously.

“The cop… the cop got a lot more than five dollars” said Michael raising his hands to his head. 

-The End


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  1. LionAroundWriting · February 17, 2016

    Just cannot trust them! 🙂

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