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Something New 


I’ve lost all my self control;

Lost it to this adrenaline and lust fueled blood rush.

Your body I’m tempted touch.

But before I do by my eyes you’re already consumed.

We’ve found ourselves alone together in a room.

Just you and me, being watched only by the air we breathe.

Itching with excitement.

Flashing in my mind are pictures of passionate scenes.

The whole of me is filled with such anticipation for “it”

The thrill of discovering a new lovers body.

It makes me feel like I’m finally complete.

I pull you next to me, so close I feel your body against my skin.

I want to please you, have my body on you and inside you.

I keep looking at you, visually consuming you.

And with every look I notice something new.

I see those two rising suns wanting to be freed from your bra.

I trace every single one of your curves with my eyes.

I take note of every mark and scar before your entirety I engulf with my love.

My hands caress and run all over your body.

Followed by my kisses.

On your forehead 

On your lips

On both your cheeks

On your neck

And then on your lips again.

Lower and lower do I go with my kisses get.

Till I hit that spot that tastes so sweet.

We make love

We cuddle 

We wake up and make love again.

You fall asleep in my arms 

And you wake up to my face.

I’m here for it.

I’m ready.

I’ll make your body my daily bread whatever it takes.




Poet |Fiction Writer |Wannabe Comedian |Food lover |African |Zimbwabean

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