Loving A Book I’ll Never Read

I’m painfully feeling guilty for loving the cover without knowing the pages.

But who could really blame me,

I mean it’s not everyday you encounter a stranger you want to dream about.

Think about.

And all around figure out.

Well I decided to open the first page of the book and take a read.

To take a peek into the soul and discover if we would be a match after all.

I read the title of the first chapter and the beauty of the book was even more.

In other words I asked to know her name.

Before I went on my heart stopped me and the book I closed.

I decided we should remain relative strangers instead.

Or rather fate made the choice for me.

Even though my affection had grown.

I refused to ruin the perfection of the book’s image.

Although I knew no matter how damaged the inside was, 

I loved the cover enough to look past it.

Whether you believe it to be flattery or honesty. 

She was more than beautiful, she was simply beyond it.

Made even more attractive by the fact that she seemed modest.

Evoking that feeling;

That she was more than something you wanted but something you needed.

So I sleep with a happy heart though being together with her I can only dream about.

Therefore the pages of the book will forever remain a mystery.

I’ll stare at it here and there but it’ll always be unmoved on my shelf.

As a reminder of one of Gods amazing works in the world.



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