The Two Pieces Of A Rainbow 

The clouds have been building up for a while, 

The sky has shifted from a dark grey to being completely black.

Finally the floodgates are opened and rain pours down.

I lay there in my bed, seeking the refuge of my blankets to keep me warm.

But it feels lonely I want you there next to me. 

I’m if I fall asleep and I dream, it’s about you.

Because I’m starting to forget how your touch feels or how long our last kiss lasted.

Lightning flashes followed by the cracking sound of thunder.

Imagining it’s you I grab a pillow and I hug it tight.

I imagine I’m telling you sweet words to take your mind off the thunderstorm.

A few minutes later I unknowingly drift off to sleep, waking up what feels like ages later.

The sun has come out from wherever it goes to hide.

Merging with the last few rain drops.

To give nature an orgasm that produces the rainbow.

This all of a sudden relates to me.

I feel like I’m the thunderstorm because I sometimes get lost in myself.

But you are the beautiful sunshine at end of a rainy day. 

So as long as I have you;

I’ll always find my way through.

Because I realize by myself I couldn’t be able to produce the rainbow.

I wouldn’t survive the hard times without my shoulder to lean on. 



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