The Sweetest Candy

If only moments shared in passing could become permanent bonds in reality.

Or if the emotions gained from looking at just a picture.

Could be felt by the one in it.

Well I wrote this at first to simply keep it to myself.

So I could read and reminisce about what could have been.

How my life would have changed if I had actually acted.

But I coughed up the courage

To make a promise;

That I would show this to you.

And no matter how you would act or react I would be proud of myself.

In my eyes you’re so beautiful 

I know being told that isn’t new to you.

But when I open your image and those eyes look back at me.

It warms my heart.

You’re the definition of Brown Candy sweeter than the word sweet.

I imagine you’re mine, because in dreams I believe.

My insides even start to sing.

I didn’t even lift my hand but these words wrote themselves into existence.

All I really want to say to you.

From the depths of my heart, on this February day.

Is that I don’t know you but you have me feeling some type of way.



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