As Long As…

When I’m alone I always find myself wondering.

Wondering if you think about me as much as I do about you?

Or if you think about me in the same way I think about you?

On most of these days.

I close my eyes and find my way back

Back to our last encounter.

The last time I actually knew I had told you something funny

Because I heard you laugh.

Instead of now.

Where I just see lol’s and I have to take your word for it.

But still with my eyes closed and my heart in touch with my thoughts 

It all gets clearer,

That beautiful smile of yours,

Those gorgeous eyes,

And all your body’s artistic curvy features.

Something can be a distance away, yet still be within your reach.

I’m speaking about your heart.

As long as it desires to beat together with mine,

We’ll never be really apart.

Even on those busy weeks we’re tangled up in life and don’t have time to talk.



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