Love can’t be measured but it’s seen through how we act.

We can’t hold the air but we somehow know it’s there.

It’s all so simple when science can explain it.

But then there’s “Faith”

That one very steep step that goes beyond trust.

When it’s met with the hearts love

It translates into belief.

An even higher step, it’s a firm grip on things unseen.

It’s what carries so many, helping them find a way beyond their grief.

It’s what sets so many apart.

The strong willed who pesevere 

And the doubters who face their first challenge and give up.

So are you a believer?

The answer is not as simple as a Yes or No.

The question has more to it’s answer

Than just deciding on which of the two sides of the coin do you fall.

It’s more relevant to ask;

What do you believe in?.



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