A Different Existence 


In a perfect world

The sun would rise to faces graced by beautiful smiles.

And an atmosphere filled with echoes of the sound of happiness.

Hearts wouldn’t race because of the fear of being hurt but only at the prospect of being loved.

Promises would actually hold their value.

Understanding and forgiveness

Would fill in the place of anger and hatred.

Hugs would replace the senseless violent acts.

People wouldn’t go out of their way to make sure someone else gets hurt.

The only wars fought would be with words.

Children would be free to dream instead of having to live in a nightmare.

Hunger would be a thing of the past.

And this and that…

The list of the amazing possibilities is endless.

Sometimes it even makes me light up with hope.

But it’s all what would or could be.

Because ever since the beginning

The only thing perfect in the world was it’s imperfection.



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