Fresh Cut

Walking through a garden with flowers in full bloom.

Gently taking that soft dive of falling in love with nature.

Picking up a few and releasing them from the earth’s grasp.

The allure of the freshly cut roses.

So beautiful to look at be it whatever colour.

With such an inviting scent it leaves your nose tingling.

Till you get a little too lost in their beauty

And you over eagerly grab hold of them.

Leaving your palms at the painful mercy of the thorns

Self inflicted hurt

You wonder why this attraction lead you to stop being careful.

That thin line.

Between truly loving something and simply being lost.

So know that no matter how beautiful 

Or comfortable 

Or even attached you get to something

It could turn around and bite you back.

Though the bite might sometimes might be misguided love and not meant to hurt.



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