Decisions Not Made


Their things in life that you think are wrong yet feel so right.

They could even be the simplest of things.

We all have these decisions we make with conflicting emotions in our hearts.

But the most pain will only come from the choices we didn’t dare to make.

I really fear life at times 

Iike I honestly don’t want to give a fuck but deep down I’m afraid of being judged.

I reach a point were all I crave is solitude.

I start wishing I could just live entirely alone in my room.

Not forever 

Maybe just for a week.

Then I can get back to people and all their bullshit.

Though I’ve come to realize something

If you won’t be a good example in life you’ll be a stern warning.

So at times be calm and feel free to live your life.

Because either way you live it you’ll somehow make a difference.



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