When Love Overcame Doubt

When the thoughts of the worst clashed with the vision I had for my dreams.

The ever present doubt was trying to creep in.

To creep in and push out your love that had mended my broken heart.

It didn’t want my hearts broken pieces together

It wanted them to stay apart.

I didn’t know

If I was questioning if it was truly love

Or I was simply just wondering

If love was enough?.

Maybe it was just this fear I had.

That I didn’t deserve you, a girl that was clearly a blessing from above.

Your hand slid on top of mine and I was drawn back into the present.

I looked at you and for a moment I stared

An awkward smile came across my face as you caught my stare.

I glanced away but quickly looked up at you again.

And I have to say I was even more amazed

I heard your love softly calling out my name.

I instantly knew if didn’t have you as mine in this lifetime.

I would go insane.



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