Midnight Feast

It’s another late night dream, 

The kind even when you’re awake you still see.

The whole of life is drowned out.

We’re on our own separate island 

And in that moment all that exists is you and me. 

Your body is the keyboard and I’m entering in the keys using my lips.

My imagination is the paper and the story will be printed in forbidden ink.

Forgetting our thought provoking conversations or your erection inducing flirtation.

I’m breathing in your air and you’re breathing in mine.

This is the real thing, the feeling of your touch is making every nerve inside me sing.

It’s as if everything else has lost it’s meaning.

Chest to chest

While I’m placing kisses on your neck.

You hold your breath 

But my kisses get lower and you let out a moan.

That universal whisper of pleasure.

In the end…

Well the dream doesn’t end.

I fill in the gaps with my own plot twists.

My lover, a one night stand or simply my sexual midnight feast.



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