Let This Love Conquer Reality


When I have you on my mind the words to write are not hard to find.

Though the love I have for you runs so deep.

That even as a poet;

The words I might come up with to explain it

Could be deaf to rhythm and rhyme.

With you on my mind though.

I always end up drifting off.

Far into the inner most valleys of my thoughts.

Running away from all the complications of reality.

Being lost in time.

Sometimes I’m so far gone it’s like I’m not the one living this life.

I’m in a place filled with dreams I have for you and me.

Maybe I should just open my heart and let you dive in.

So you can be cascaded in the never ending love for you my heart feels.

I just want you take you in.

See you.

Breathe you.

Feel you.


When that finally happens;

All will be right in the world,

And I’ll be content.

My thirst full desire for your body will finally be quenched.

Love would have conquered, I’ll be yours and you’ll be mine till the end.



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