What’s Life Without Happiness?

Thoughts weighing heavy on my conscience 

And the stress of life slowly eating away at me

I wanted to just escape 

I found myself a quiet place 

I switched off every other sense

I sat down and I just listened.

I let the harmonious musical instruments of nature take me away.

The air moving in and out as I took each breath.

The rustling of leaves as they fell to the earth.

The whispers of the wind as it gushed by.

This annoying buzzing made by a nearby fly.

I even took notice of the internal sensations.

My body’s loud but silent wonders.

The sound of my beating heart.

The butterflies I sometimes feel in my gut.

The silent thumps of my feelings bouncing around in my mind.

I still didn’t have the answers I wanted but I got up with a smile.

I realized without happiness it wouldn’t be life.



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