Life’s Will


In my own particular circle of influence.

I feel I’m free to make my own decisions.

I’m not in shackles or chains 

And I certainly don’t conform to society’s restraints. 

But I’m still searching for my freedom.

At times,

I think life gives us the illusion of choice.

It makes us feel like we’re in control.

Yet we’ll only be another passenger 

Who doesn’t know their end destination

Or the journeys hidden dangers.

So we are left with no other option 

But to try and make the best of the ride patiently in our seat.

You can shout out you want to get off

But life

“the driver”

with a look cold as ice will drive past your desired stop.

Still even though you don’t know 

What for you life has in store.

It would be a cowards decision 

To jump out off life’s moving vehicle.

At the end of the day limited is our free will 

Compared to life’s will.



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