Guest Blogger #1


I sat down and tried listing the blessings God had delivered to me this previous semester and l almost came up with none. I mean there was nothing that struck out to me as the work of the divine. I almost saw praying as another useless routine. Until I really went deep in thought and my mind landed at the simple subject of health. This really shined a light on what God does in my life. Apparently l don’t even remember (do you even remember?) the last time l felt ill or even required any kind of medication. I was able to wake up and attend every single lecture but I didn’t even take notice that God’s hands were at work here. It made realize just how much I can take for granted. Just how much I receive yet I don’t perceive it’s been given to me. Because the truth is life doesn’t owe us anything we have to fight to earn everything. Even though some have to fight harder than others.
I was hit with an epiphany that someone’s dream is my reality. Their countless people who’s entire aspirations are being able to go to Uni, to be able to get a degree yet I’m here complaining as if it’s the norm and I should be getting many more opportunities. Like they’re so many people out there fighting to just get by, to survive. It was evident to me I had to rearrange my whole perception on life. I had to stop thinking that life was a willing gifter  and realize the only free gift it gives is life in itself.

 I had to start replacing the “Please may I have’s” with “Thank you’s.”

I had to appreciate more and ask less. So just because you haven’t managed to get that new weave, those Milan runway fashion clothes or those fresh Nike kicks doesn’t mean God isn’t blessing you, just being alive and in good health is a blessing of epic proportions in itself. Having that phone or laptop you’re using to read this right now is an amazing blessing! To be housed and clothed, to receive a warm meal at the beginning and end of every day. For some these small things are luxuries. Having the ability to breathe without an oxygen tank…

I could go on and on. So many blessings but you just easily overlook them. Stop complaining and be grateful. Steve Jobs would have traded his billions for that healthy life you’re leading right now. You’re broke? So what?. You don’t have a girlfriend/boyfriend? So what?. You’re healthy, alive and have family that LOVES you so much that’s all that matters. Thank God for what you’ve got. Don’t overlook these blessings. Any day, any minute, within a single moment, a short instance it could all be gone. You could lose a loved one, you could shattered bones in your body, you face irreversible damage so I beg you in fact I plead with you not take these little things for granted. I appreciate what I have and I feel blessed, I hope you feel the same way too.

By Gerald Muchandiona 

He’s not a blogger himself but quite the gifted writer, you can find him on twitter & instagram;


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