Words Of All Honesty 


My fondness for you and my attraction to you, day by day keep on growing.

I try with all my strength and by all means not to show it.

For I’m afraid of being taken advantage off.

My insecurities won’t let me see someone else truly “Unconditionally” loving me.

I just want you right in my bed lying next to me because I miss you even when you’re texting me.

Sometimes the image of your body evokes my deepest emotions at times it just makes me horny. 

I’m overly subjected to the power of passionate thought, my all so common adversary.

Emotionally and physically on somedays, in both ways I feel lonely.

I feel the sun rise should come up to the sounds of you moaning.

As our bodies climax together and in ecstasy I explode in you endlessly groaning.

I have nights I just lay awake haunted by thoughts of ruining things with you because of a silly mistake. 

In the preceding mornings I wake to doubtful self conversations.

Cohering views of the doubt coming from my imagination.

Well I always succeed in drowning this all out.

Even though at times I’m the demon hurting my own feelings because I’m proud.

Well the voice of my true emotions endures and speaks loud.

Because let’s face it;

There’s nothing better suited to strip away the doubt than the naked truth.

I love you.

This is what my heart says.

The message stays the same everyday.



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