Instant Attraction


I see you seated there, looking joyful but slightly defeated. 

A row away, a mere whispers distance.

You’re so close yet so far away

I’m overwhelmed with an immediate and undeniable attraction

I’m drawn to you like you’re my opposite magnetic pole.

I so want to come over and talk to you but inside me I’m afraid.

Afraid of rejection, for I figure that’s the worst that could happen.

To deep inside my soul your beauty speaks.

Your struggle, your hopelessness I hear it all,

We reach an unspoken peace,

With my heart and soul still wanting to know more.

If only the emotions

I’ve gained in the heat of a moment.

I could show to you.

I keep glancing in your direction but I never approach you.

The stranger my heart wants to know.

It’s a long name but that’s what I’ll call you.




  1. Dora · September 9, 2015

    Oh, how I relate to this….
    So beautiful!


    Liked by 1 person

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