The Nights I’ll Always Remember 


The weekends we felt so alive.

There was no sleeping whether it was day or night.

Sneaking out of the house at late hours, commiting misdemeanors or petty crimes.

All for the chance to shine under the club lights.

To float to ecstasy and beyond on the dance floor.

Hip-Hop, house music and the one hit wonders that made us rise to our feat.

Every weekend it was the same program or game plan like a broken record on repeat.

The party before the party and then the after party,

All in one night.

Damn were did we get the energy?

When we were out and about, at the peak of being loud, sensibility seemed to be the only enemy.

Patiently waiting for entry in those long club lines.

Tall girls with long legs and short girls with spasmodic behinds.

The pleasure my eyes would find at their sight.

The motto was ‘Wild for the night fuck being polite’

Sneaky booty grabs, chance lustful kisses and the all so often pointless fights.

A shot.

Another one.

A third.

A couple more shots.

Blurred lines, I abused my limits didn’t know when to stop.

The one night you would realize you’ve been robbed, you would get sober in that instant.

And the other night you would get arrested for trying to get a free ride by running away from the cab.

Drunken sexcapades, using each other’s bodies as an escape.

Waking up with lost memories the next day.

Well I’ve grown now and realized the errors of my ways.

But on some days.

Most days.

Who am I kidding it’s almost everyday.

Even though I’ve seen the light.

I want to go back to the days of my teenage life.




  1. gpeynon · September 1, 2015

    Ah yes, sums up my youth perfectly. Except I know from precisely where I got my energy 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. chap · October 8, 2015

    can totaly relate to this


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