The Question That Keeps Repeating 


The morning is slowly dawning as I muster the strength to open up my eyes.

My body feels numb, images flashing in my mind from last night.

Coming down from the ecstasy of making love.

I feel the warmth of your body lying there next to me.

Picture perfect is your image even when you’re peacefully in your sleep.

The passion that burns between us still feels unreal.

Under the covers you’ve got nothing on besides your skin.

I’m brought back to the feeling of being inside you.

Do I love you?.

It makes me think.

I brush off the thought and in that moment you let out a lazy yawn as you wake up.

You look at me and your face is graced by the most gorgeous smile.

I stare in awe at you gently gliding your tongue over your lower and then your upper lip.

You swallow a short breath of air and give me a naughty wink.

Grabbing me by the back of my head and you pull my towards you.

Using your tongue you part my lips and I willingly give in to your kiss.

Savouring the sweet flavour 

Do I love you?.

This question in my mind I repeat.

Our tongues entagled, gracefully moving in usion.

I hear you gently hum in delight and I cautiously open my eyes.

I noticed that yours are closed.

I decipher and digest the words of your flesh.

Your body language.

It’s clear the passion and emotion written all over your face

Do I love you?

This question again repeats.

I can’t escape it, 

I’m going to have to confront my thoughts some moment soon.



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