An Emotional Story On My Side


I had hit that period when every second is spent in agonizing pain.

A period characterized by long nights and even longer days.

When solitude and sadness are the only things you crave.

Regret and emotions were the hunters and I had fallen prey.

So I’m now walking up and down the road bouncing around in mind, lost in my thoughts.

Having arguments with myself sometimes so passionate I would say something out loud.

If only the distance between us lessened my emotions.

It seems to only make them stronger, more pronounced even though to you they remain unannounced.

I practise a speech in my head of what I’ll say to you, you wouldn’t believe how awkward it sounds.

To my right I see a sizable piece of rock.

I give it a hard kick and ask ‘Do you think she would understand?’

My foot throbbing I stand there for a moment half expecting to hear the rock speak.

I realize how absurd it is to even think that would happen so I walk on.

For some reason I look up and I see it’s that moment when the sun kisses the sky.

The moment that fills the sky with diverse hues and signals it’s approaching night.

It brings back memories of your gorgeous eyes.

Between these two I can’t decide which is a more beautiful sight.

Remembering the beauty of your image I escape from all the doubtful thoughts and I put on a smile.

A weight is lifted off my shoulders and in my heart I promise I’ll always do you right.



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