Two Guys in the Woods


#Flashfiction #Humor

Bullseye! Michael hit the rabbit right in the gut. His friend ran up and picked up the rabbit from the ground. ‘SNAKE’ Michael yelled and immediately his friend climbed up the tree that was right next to him. Heart racing, he felt immense palpitations but on an adrenaline high he had acted on basic survival instincts. Unknown to the two the snake had been eyeing that very same rabbit Michael had struck. Angered the snake wrapped it’s body around the tree Michael’s friend was on and another one nearby. It began to pull them together in a show of strength like one tensing their muscles in a bodybuilding contest. The trees started creaking as they were slowly bending over. ‘Throw the rabbit down for the snake’ Michael shouted. ‘No Michael, I’m like Job right now’. ‘Job from the Bible?’ Michael asked a bit amused. ‘Yes so I’m going to hold on to the rabbit I will not lose my faith’. At this Michael burst out in laughter.

-The End


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