Love In Different Translations Of My Own

Reach out and touch me, let your heart entice me. 

Wrap your arms around me.

Cover me and engulf me with your warmth. 

Make my mind, body, heart and soul feel at home.

I want your love to be the only love I’ll ever know.

Let our souls be tied in an unbreakable bond. 

Yours to mine and mine to yours. 

I want you to be mine forever to not only love but endlessly adore. 

When you’re afraid I want my name to be the first thing you call.

Send me into ecstasy, drive me to the verge of insanity.

I want to always think about you, sing about and even when I’m awake dream about you.

I speak these words from the bottom of my heart. 

The heart which from you never wants to be apart.

This is just how I want it feel when I’m being loved.



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