A Closer Look At My Own Heart 

If only I could put myself into you and you into me 

So that I may understand what exactly it is that you do 

To make my world revolve around you.

Well I pressed the pause button on life’s remote

I took a moment to myself 

To try and figure out the workings of my own heart.

I put myself under an x-ray machine only to see through it and not what was in it.

I tried staring at my chest to see inside myself but it was to no avail.

I then ablated my heart from my body only to find blood filled muscles.

Before I gave up on my endeavor because I felt it wasn’t worth the hassle.

I got an artist to draw a picture 

Of every one of this potato shaped organ’s features.

As he was about to paint the drawing I asked him to stop.

I took the paint brush and the drawing,

I put these things in my pocket.

I told him for the drawing to be painted I was going to wait.

To wait on the one I love to colour inside the lines.

To show I’m truly hers and she’s truly mine.

So I’ll have this brush and drawing in my pocket until that time.



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