It’s Painful When You Begin To Question It All

What if your best is not enough?

What if you’re meant to fail even if you keep trying?

What if there’s no greater meaning to everything?

What if we’re only living to die?

What if.. What if..

I’ve just grown to question everything, I’m slowly losing my belief in things unseen.

Like out of everyone how could I be so unlucky

How come things never seem to be in my favour

It’s as if the pendulum of pain doesn’t swing away from my side.

I think I’m just one of those people just there to increase the numbers on life’s ride.

I feel like life gave me lemons and I made lemonade, 

Then life saw this and it took away the lemonade, 

Took away all the fruits,

Took away the water 

Leaving me to die a slow death by dehydration.

I guess some people have to fail for others to truly shine.

I guess I just didn’t want to be one of those failures.

I guess no matter how much you try you can’t escape your destiny.

You can only hope and pray for God to shine his light on your life.

So you can see his vision or plan for you.

So can calm yourself down.

So you can realise you’re worth much more than what you think of yourself.



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