Alive In The Night 

Restless are the streets after dark.

The aroma of alcohol and smoke in the air.

There’s a tense yet secretive atmosphere.

The darkness gives life to a totally different city.

A city in which criminals shine and alive are vices of all kinds.

Appetites for whatever illegal activity are freely indulged.

Money and merchandise exchanged in the obscurity of dark alleys.

Shady characters in shady clothes.

Standing at shady street corners with seemingly shady poses.

On the sidewalks the homeless tossing and turning, 

Trying to find a comfortable position on their cardboard beds. 

Groups of teenagers roaming the streets.

Causing a ruckus and shouting out obscenities.

Often being found at the centre of things when violent bouts erupt.

The noticeable shock and horror, in almost everyone’s eyes when they spot a cop.

The joy this one young lady finds at his sight.

Well only this time because among all these characters she was walking alone.

This cycle of activities goes on and on hidden from people within their homes.

The sun comes up and all these things disappear.

Only waiting for night to fall again so they can reappear.



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