Only Thoughts But I’m In Ecstasy 

It’s another late night and I’m alone in my room.

It’s illuminated by the gentle light of the moon.

Lost in the world of my thoughts I’m lust consumed.

I close my eyes but I see.

I’m looking at her luscious lips and amazing body

The face of perfection but exotic.

Without a question this is the girl of my dreams;

You’ve got to love how your imagination can paint a scene.

We’re skin to skin

Only seeing each other as sexual beings

You know when you’re willing to be used and to use someone’s body

That erotic mentality.

Before we even get down and dirty I’m in ecstasy.

I’ve reached the stasis of being awake but asleep.

It’s like the feeling you get after a hit of some good weed.

If thoughts do this to me would I be even ready for the real thing?.



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