Understanding Without Question 

I saw black and white then you introduced different shades of grey to my vision.

My eyes were green but you came and coloured them crimson.

I was old and withered, and you made me brand new.

I was lying hopeless on my death bed and you cured me of my ailing affliction.

My legs had been tirelessly running in circles but you came and pointed them in the right direction.

I was running away from the unknown and you taught me to run towards something.

I was nothing but confounded words then you brought life to their rhythm and rhyme.

I was just a drawing on a piece of paper then you coloured inside my lines.

My spirit was crawling on the gravel and you taught it how to walk.

All I’m trying to say or all I mean to say is;

I didn’t make sense but instead of asking questions all you did was understand.



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