My Emotions Wrote These Words 

The key to my lonely heart.

The solution to my search for love that’s been a puzzle.

How do I even explain it?

What words can I even use?

I believe she’s the one for me 

I’ve discovered her;

The lover

The best friend 

The better half that fate intended for me.

The way she plays with her ear when she’s feeling shy;

I find it so sexy when she does this I don’t know why.

To me just the whisper of her voice is such a temptation.

Her touch, her love, her affection;

That’s all I want to know.

How she laughs when I say something funny is a moment to live for.

I just want to give her the world and so much more.

Who she is, is hidden in the little things 

I couldn’t put in words to me, what she means.

For her I’m such a nut case.

The way she makes me feel is beyond priceless.

You could put a price tag on it of whatever money but that still wouldn’t do it justice.

It wasn’t even me but it was my love for her that wrote this.



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