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A Guest, An Outsider, Invited Yet Unwanted 

I hear the faint sound of my ringtone 

And immediately I spring into action jumping over furniture just to get to my phone.

A smile comes to my face; on caller id it’s your name being shown.

We talk for a while;

We’ve been just friends for what seems to be forever.

She invites me over because she doesn’t want to eat alone.

My heart skips a beat 

Within moments I arrive at the door.

She opens it and sadness sweeps over my face as I see her with him.

I’m guessing he just got home.

We have dinner and they’re affectionate with each other every moment.

Unknown to her this to me is such a torment.

I’m the third wheel again.

For loving someone who doesn’t reciprocate my feelings I feel so ashamed.

I realize why she let me stay 

It’s because it would seem rude to immediately ask me leave after coming all this way .

There’s a sore in my throat 

I feel like I’m gonna cry

But I look at them and pretend like I’m having the time of my life.

To a place I had been invited 

I feel like an outsider more than just unwanted.




Poet |Fiction Writer |Wannabe Comedian |Food lover |African |Zimbwabean

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