Words, A Story, A Girl And Lust

Words don’t just speak love, 

Words can evoke the deepest of your emotions.

Words can describe the most beautiful of features.

Words can paint a picture 

A picture so vivid you see the blueprint of it in the imagination 

So even when words don’t tell a story about love you’re gonna fall in love with the story.

In a time stored in a capsule at the back of my mind.

I met her.

She was a beautiful fresh breath of air 

A work of art that seduced all the burning desire from my heart.

The face of a goddess adorned with gorgeous black hair 

A jaw dropping body that made people stop and stare

In her presence she had me wishing to be the clothes she wears.

Perfect were all her curves and edges 

I wouldn’t want to talk dirty but the things I dreamed of doing to her were plenty.

I let lust run throughout my mind.

They say love is hard to find;

Well in this moment I forgot it because a sight for pleasure was in my eyes.




  1. Raya · July 23, 2015

    beautifully written

    Liked by 1 person

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