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Take Me Back 

Take me back to a time when words meant more than things money could buy.

A time when a guy went out of his way to impress a lady 

I’m talking about more than just arriving in a brand new mercedes 

Take me back to when Shakespeare was always close to the ear.

I’m talking of a time when romance hadn’t been degraded to a few texts and naked pictures 

Take me to that time when the sound of love filled the streets, punctuated by sweet words of poetry.

A time when lovers were passionate and intimate not just worried about their public image.

When chivalry wasn’t dead and valued was a mans words

Relationships were built on trust and one wouldn’t go behind a lovers back.

A time were a woman marrying rich didn’t seem mandatory 

A time we’re now only reminded by stories

Take me back to that time long forgotten like it never existed.

A time at times I wish I had lived.




Poet |Fiction Writer |Wannabe Comedian |Food lover |African |Zimbwabean

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