A Picture 


I’m not one those people that just say it because of age, I really do feel mature but that doesn’t mean I won’t still screw up.

Even though I try and neglect the negatives to focus on the positive, I feel like life won’t let me live.

It’s feels like I’m pushing a rock up the hill just for it to roll back down to the ground.

It’s like one trying to dry himself while standing in the ocean, it’s pointless just as life seems at times senseless.

My deepest thoughts have really brought me to appreciate the beauty of a picture. 

Looking at a picture of my friends and I from years ago.

The smiles 

The weird grins

This picture said more than a thousand words, to me it singed.

Though it felt like it was from a totally different lifetime or even a parallel universe if one existed.

I realised this was so because a picture remains the same even though the people in it change.

A picture remains stagnant.

It holds a memory for what it was and doesn’t show what it’s become.

A picture taken is a moment stored, it doesn’t get bored by what it holds, it can only be either joy or melancholy frozen in time.

So a picture is not just a just a picture, to the right person it means so much more.



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