A Lesson From Nature 


The beauty of the sunset is unlike that of anything else, it’s only matched by that of the rising sun.

All around us we’re surrounded by the beauty of nature;
The grass

The trees

The open sea

The birds that soar up high 

The scattered clouds on a summer sky.

From creatures small to creatures large in size. 

A walk in a park in between trees brings me so much relief, I just feel so free.

How I enjoy the feeling of the grass under my feet.

Waking up in the morning to the beautiful songs the birds sing, the happiness such a small thing brings.

Isn’t it amazing how nature seems to go on without any worries, it’s as if it runs on a different clock.

A clock ticking in a world of constant peace and serenity.

A world in harmony 

How nature lives and exists is what’s truly beguiling 

The trees don’t go searching food and shelter, neither does the sky search for clouds and rain.

Plants diverse spread out in urban areas and in the wild, yet about how they came to be we don’t have true insight.

Now if nature isn’t evidence of the unseen, a greater power, a divine being then I don’t what is.

I’m really not one strong in belief, I wouldn’t even describe myself as one being deep.

But if we can take a lesson from nature it’s that stop worrying and be all you can be.



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