A Girl Writing To Herself 

Dear Diary 

Once upon a time

Quite a long time ago.

I was born a girl.

A beautiful daughter.

My parents prized possession.

Well years and years have gone by, I’ve grown with each passing day.

I’ve learnt the difference between good and bad, between love and hate, between things seen and unseen.

I feel like I’m now a lady but I’m still a girl and to me it’s not making sense as far as I can tell.

I feel old enough to take responsibilities but I still just want to have fun. 

It’s even worse when it comes to love, about relationships I’m truly stunned.

How I wish I could read a guys emotions.

For when I see him the lady within me remains calm but the girl wants to yell.

The lady says ignore him but the girl says tell him he’s your world.

Confess to him about him; how you feel, how he makes you feel.

I’m always so confused by my own feelings I feel abused.

I just want to be a woman but I feel I can only be that when he rises up and becomes a man.

If that even makes sense or I’m coming to my own conclusions that are complete nonsense.

Well till the day comes I’m going to keep waiting. 

My lips will remain dry till from them he steals a kiss.

My body will remain cold till I feel his body against mine and his hands on my hips.

The day might be close or it might be far off but I know the day is coming.

The day when he’ll swallow his pride.

The day when he gets over whatever’s chapping his hide.

The day when he finally realises I should be right by his side.

I’ll wait on it I’ll be patient, everything arrives with time.



One comment

  1. makupsy · July 2, 2015

    Indeed it is…Everything is made beautiful in it’s time…


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