I Still Believe 

If I told you I was different,

Would you understand the difference?.

If I told you I loved you,

Would you believe me?.

If I told you to trust me,

Would you fall backwards and let me catch you?.

Well it’s easy to be wanted.

It’s easy to be needed.

But wouldn’t you rather be valued?

It’s always heartbreaking to be fighting for someone you love but you feel like you’re losing the fight.

To be hanging on their every single word yet they cling onto the words of someone else.

To be seen as a second option yet you put them before anybody else.

Well the pain has won,

From this battle field of love I’m forever gone.

Giving up, moving on, calling it quits you can name it what you want but I’m done.

I’m done seeking the affection of another,

Opening up and giving them my heart.

I wish to my emotions there was just a switch 

To turn them off because I don’t know how much more pain I can hold within.

Or if I could get a padlock and lock it, lock it and throw away the keys. 

At times like these,

I pity all those who still believe;

In finding love.

In searching for a soulmate.

It’s pointless, it’s hopeless and filled with pain as far as I see.

I always feel like this before I go sleep,

But I wake up in the morning and think oh stupid me.

I smile and remember there’s nothing that’s pain free.

I get out of bed ready to fight again because somehow in love I still believe.



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