Chasing The Sunset 

At times I feel like I’ve gone in too deep,

Is it just a wild obsession that’s got me losing sleep;

It’s like a man who adores the miracle of dawn,

When a new day is born,

Restless he wakes up and loudly groans

Still determined to capture the sunset and make it his own.

Only resting when night falls and the sun is gone;

Well he wouldn’t call it rest,

It’s actually something far worse,

Filled with misery all night he’s such a mess;

Like the man to me you’re my sunset,

I’ve been running to you every day,

And my tired body keeps asking are we there yet?

With a sad heart time and time again I tell it No,

But nevertheless no matter how tired only forward do we go.

We can’t give up when we’re so close,

In my journey one thought does make me pause;

“Capturing the sunset might not be real”

This thought runs through my body like an unexplainable chill,

At times inside me it’s how I honestly feel,

Yet I somehow I still believe you can find a way if you just have the will.



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