I Know The Day is Coming 

I really wish I could put in words;

How I feel about you and what you do to me,

These are feelings that are definitely new to me.

I honestly can’t explain it

The sweet language within my heart,

Where all my emotions flow,

And I’m pointed in which direction to go.

To myself it seems senseless when I say it,

Stopping you from having doubts 

I wish from my body I could take my heart out,

Hand it over to you,

Let you truly know how I feel inside and out.

But I know that the day is coming,

No more of me being shy,

Or sitting in the shadows silently humming.

I’m going to walk up to you ever so confident,

I won’t care if I had been invisible,

Or if you considered me irrelevant. 

With my temperature rising and my heart racing,

I’ll yell my emotions out loud,

No matter what the outcome 

I know inside me my heart will be proud.



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