As I Wake Up 

It’s quite early in the morning,

I lay awake on my bed

Still feeling sleepy and constantly yawning.

I see creeping through my window;

Are the gentle rays of the morning sun,

Signaling to all a new day has just begun.

I look out and I see,

Beautiful birds up on the tree,

Happily chirping away, spring is here they sing.

To me their clearly as joyful as can be.

Then from out of nowhere;

My dog comes running,

And it suddenly starts barking right under the tree.

As the birds take off

I hear a not so distant whisper;

I also wish I could fly,

True love must be there it can’t be a lie,

My heart just wants the feeling of being up so high,

With this thought in my mind I see your image in the sky.

I scream out take me with you,

What you’ve heard is all true,

For your love without question anything I’m willing to do.

Then just as my words fade into the air,

Your image fades too,

And what was once so beautiful in the sky is back to plain blue.



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