Our leaders listen, our leaders see
They see the violence in the streets,
Foreigners being persecuted; 
When their just working for something to eat,
It’s a sad tale that keeps repeating

Pictures of a man being openly stabbed,

People finding a woman’s chopped off head.

Wherever you look such brutal deeds;

To people who were only fighting for basic needs,

For peace in the streets people yell,

When it will stop no one can tell,

But surely such actions only lead to hell.
World over they see this violence,
The people in power seem to be maintaining silence.
These are our leaders;
They have ears and they hear this,
They have eyes and they see this,
Yet somehow our leaders are still silent.

One comment

  1. Noirfifre · April 22, 2015

    I googled the hastag under your poem – why do some people treat non nationals like they have the Bubonic Plague or something? It sadly happens all over the world and I do agree with you, it takes a drastic case for leaders to say something.


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