A people filled with nothing but aggression;

What I’ll never understand at all,

Is hating the innocent with a passion.

On help from the heavens do we call. 

From people we treated as equal I expected much more,

Pointless violence seen as nothing wrong 

Is it lack of a conscience, insanity or religion?

The only result is destruction from such a vision;

To view violence as a solution, is only an idiots illusion.

Instead of forward it seems backwards are we going,

The same oppression we fought against,

Is now what amongst each other we’re showing;

So many people just won’t grow,

It’s not like we haven’t been here before 

Taking up against each other a weapon,

But it seems like no one really learnt the lesson.
A poem dedicated to the current events going on in South Africa. There is no justification enough for causing harm or taking a human life. Don’t we all just want peace and a means to survive. Life is a gift and it’s priceless. XENOPHOBIA HAS NO ROOM IN OUR WORLD!



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