One Thing 

The sweet melody in my head,
A beautiful audio stuck on replay,
I imagine this is what it would say;
My love my life who I hope to be wife
Drunk in love maybe even crazy in love,
Well my heart is filled I know I’m never gonna starve.
Always been the girl of dreams,

Together me and her the perfect duo or team.
We are meant to be love doesn’t just happen,
Come on and hold my hand,

Through good times and bad together we’ll stand.
I know you can feel it in your heart,
An unwritten vow that was there from the start,
Me and you we can never survive being apart.
My world without you is nothing,
I promise to always keep you laughing,
Just waiting on you to say something,
Those three words but it’s really one thing;

I love you 
How much I yearn for you, If only you knew.

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