What we’ve all gone through for loves sake,

It has left us with the permanent scars from heartbreaks.

It as if an in removable dagger has stabbed you,
And every once in a while someone cruelly turns it,
Sending a piercing pain through out your body.
If only we could easily utilise the power to forget,
Well the fights I forgot
The silly arguments I forgot 
Your annoying habits I forgot 
The good times we shared I forgot to forget.
When they come to haunt you in your dreams,
That’s when you begin to regret,
You regret the day you ever met
You regret why you ever cared
You regret why your heart you ever shared
Could they be happy regrets?
Regret craves a mess,
Regret is there to make any situation worse,
Regret is the torture of what could have been 
Mind over matter
A recipe for the better
What could have been and what is seen,
Your mind must deal with the latter 
It’s never easy
It doesn’t get easier 
But you get stronger 
You understand 
And learn to move over.

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