My Love Letter 

Dear Love Of Life 

Character goes beyond just what you can see,

I don’t know where this life is taking me;

But I ain’t going nowhere so you can get to know me,
If all else fails I’m taking you wherever I’ll be.
Nothing should hold back the two of us,
I know the road to love looks so dangerous,
Please let’s get aboard on this wonderful bus.
They say a happy ever after is a dream for fools;
We’re gonna break the mold and make our own rules.
Sweep you off your feet to me you’re lighter than a feather,
Love in our hearts we can brave the worst of weather,
You should take my hand let’s just  be together,
I know you don’t have an elastic heart or skin as tough as leather.
Whatever I do or say to you I’ll never be hurtful,
Right from the start I’ve been holding you extra careful.
I’ll always support you in whatever you do,
Heaven feels like its on earth when I’m with you.
So dear love of my life make me the happiest man by becoming my wife,
Because without you I’ll never survive.

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