The Mind 

Do you ever feel like you’ve become the worst version of yourself?
As if your body has been taken over by someone else;

As If you’re doing something wrong but you’re happy about it.

Like a pandoras box of all your immorality has been broken open,
Keeping everything bottled up till it finally overflows,
Like trying to pour a litre into a tea cup.
Is this how it feels to be an introvert?
I wish I could slow it all down get a cat for a pet,
Whatever hardships I find in my way from my dreams I’ll never divert;
Poor or rich your dreams are always within your reach.
I’m honestly trying to be an optimist,
Just focusing on the positive,
Avoiding anything negative.
I feel like the son of an enigma and paradox, 
A dictionary could try but would still fail at defining me.
With poetry as the canvas,
I’m painting a picture with words call it speaking silently,
Van Gogh had a passion for art he expressed himself violently.
Life might get you confused but I always try to follow these simple rules ,
Answer without arguing, comment but try not to criticize.
Persistence will always pay off.
Promise and never forget, honesty is a gift that never neglects.
Push your boundaries and test your limits, 
Never forget to breakout a smile whenever pain visits.
Learn to love yourself so you can truly accept love from someone else,
And this everyone should know, don’t go through life but grow.
The world is a wonderful place, beauty is found in every race.

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