Natural Suicide Bombing

I walked into the elevator,
I said to myself not now, please come later.
It was however falling on deaf ears, but I tried my best to resist,
The feeling to let it out did persist.
Thought about just getting off on the next floor,
Overwhelmed with the urge I let it go, 
I hoped it would be silent if I did it nice and slow;
The sound was great, in the words of the young for me it was late.
One guy was looking around like Sherlock Holmes on a case,
If I was gonna be caught it would be such a disgrace,
I kept looking ahead struggling to keep a straight face.
Everyone was frowning, holding their breath as if to avoid drowning.
Struck with an avalanche of guilt,
I told myself it’s natural and it’s allowed,
The door opened and I rushed out in between the crowd.
But honestly what crime could be greater,
I had just farted in an elevator.

One comment

  1. Noirfifre · March 7, 2015

    Such creativity with expressing farting.I held my breath because I was not sure what happened in the elevator but the ending had me in fits of chuckles. Very naughty!.


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