Daylight Robbery 

So once upon a time,

I was a kid and I stole some money,

This is how the story goes its actually quite funny.
To town the parents had gone, 
Feeling lazy I threw a tantrum so I stayed home alone, 
Soon as they left I was hyper like a dog trying to find its bone.
I went to play outside but soon got tired due to the unforgiving heat,
Hunger struck and from the fridge to the pantry there was nothing to eat.
I searched all my pockets and I couldn’t even find a buck,

Stomach grumbling damn I was out of luck.
Back inside the house I spotted my Mums wallet,
To open it I was undecided just as one about to place a bet.
I finally fell to temptation and took out a crispy note,
Walking tall to the supermarket like I just won the presidential vote;
I got back home and hungrily devoured my snack.
Opened the wallet then put back the change,
Still to this day that behaviour was strange.
When she asked me about I broke down she didn’t need a lie detector test,
I’ll just leave to imagination all that happened next.


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