Fame And Fortune 

What drives a human being?

What keeps us going?

We all want to believe 

We all want to achieve 

We all want to leave a legacy 

A feeling thats been there ever since birth 

Placing our mark on the planet earth 

Leaving a memory that speaks about us for us

All our existence we wait for that life changing sign

Its beyond just a continuation of our blood line 

Well some are born great 

Some achieve greatness 

Some have greatness thrust upon them 

That’s the beauty of creation, we can’t all be same 

Money and fame 

Its a life long hunt

It is what most people want

On life’s journey wherever you may go 

If there’s one thing I know 

It’s never too late 

Especially if you’re one to believe in fate 

Jealousy and greed will only generate hate

And hate will only consume you 

The truth is anybody can be famous 

It don’t matter what your name is 

So keep on reaching for your dreams 

It’s not as crazy as it seems.


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